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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of O’Connor Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

You can also view our video testimonials by clicking here.

Kind Regards,
Jason O’Connor

You’ve been what I was looking for and I’m thrilled to finally know the root of my issues and be able to address them. Excellent approach and service.

Sarah S.

I have had various treatments over the years and find your approach to my problem refreshing.

Norrie R.

“I’ve been having treatment with Jason and Faye since July last year and I cannot begin to explain the difference it has made to my life. I am a teacher and I have suffered with exhausting tiredness for most of my career. It felt like my brain was being pinched and it meant I would never feel fully rested or alert. I’d been to the doctors many times for tiredness and several blood tests later, the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me. Seven months down the line now, that exhausted feeling is long gone and I feel totally rejuvenated. I have more energy, I am more flexible, I feel more resilient to cope with the day both physically and emotionally. It really has made a huge difference to my routines and every day experience and I would highly recommend it and do recommend it on a regular basis. Thanks guys!”

Kate Metcalfe


“Since I started seeing Jason I’ve had two beautiful babies 19 months apart, so i’ve had my hands full.
I honestly believe that it’s because of Jason I now have Thomas and Alice.

I originally went to see Jason because a friend highly recommended him, I was suffering with knee pain (I was a long distance runner at the time) so I went along after a lot of pressure from my friend who convinced me it was not my knee but my spine.

On my first visit, I had to fill in a load of health and life style questions, which I just assumed were a standard sort of questions most of which would be ignored. However, after doing my examinations, Jason was able to explain not only why I was suffering with my knees but also why I had been suffering with horrendous migraines since a very early age, and possibly why I had had two miscarriages. So instantly we began treatment and he told me and my husband to hold off with trying to conceive until he had chance to properly adjust me. I started seeing him twice a week and 8 weeks later we were pregnant with Thomas. I have also not had a single migraine since I started treatment with him and my knee pain has subsided. I’ve now been seeing Jason regularly for the last two years and he will always be in my life. Both my babies have adjustments with him now, and I can honestly say he has changed my life.”

Catherine Bolton

We are so grateful


“Thank you so much for all your help and support this year, i really can’t put into words how grateful i am, Elliot has improved immensely over the past few months with your encouragement, adjustments, motivation and general, genuine care and concern.
We have found the last two years very difficult and are so grateful that we have found you.
thank you.”

Sonia Gray-Clough


“Samuel’s birth wasn’t straightforward & ended in an emergency C-section & a few days in the special care baby unit. He wasn’t hitting his milestones, he developed seizures, head lag, wasn’t using his left arm and didn’t move his left leg much. I wasn’t aware that babies can be seen by chiropractors, nor was I aware of the benefits that adjustments could have on Samuel. Samuel is now 7 months old and Jason has made a significant difference. His seizures are down to 2-3 times a week, down from having several every day, he can sit up by himself, he is using his left hand more and more, he is more relaxed and sleeps better, his head lag is nearly gone & his whole body tone has improved! As parents we are glad that we were told about Jason & we truly believe that every baby should see a chiropractor after birth”

Ella Davis

My headaches have gone!

For many years I suffered with debilitating headaches, migraines and pain from my neck and shoulders. Taking painkillers was my only relief, until my husband who was already having treatment for his back and legs with Jason said I should make an appointment to see him myself.

At my initial consultation with Jason and with help of the x-rays he was able to explain what a chiropractor is and what help he could provide. He recommended a course of treatment to adjust my neck.

The difference has been amazing. The headaches have gone and I feel much happier with my life. I have even taken up physical exercise, something I have loathed to do in the past.

Wendy Porter


Working in injury rehabilitation I knew I had done all I could with exercises and stretches. So, 6 weeks ago I decided to go and see Jason as I knew I had structural issues with my body after a few traumatic accidents and injuries in the past. 6 weeks in, I have had some fantastic benefits such as increased shoulder mobility, better posture, more energy, and a significantly reduced weight shift which is what the initial assessment had shown. I would recommend Jason to anybody who is requiring chiropractic treatment. In fact some of my existing clients have received treatment from Jason and the results have been fantastic. I could not thank him enough.

Furthermore, I like the fact that Jason holds a holistic mindset in helping people get healthy as the process of healing comes from additional factors such as diet, sleep, and exercise to name a few.

Lastly I should mention that the staff at O’Connor Chiropractic are always very welcoming and kind

Graham Whitehead

Old shoulder injury!

Dr Jason O’Connor (Chiropractor) was recommended to me. I arrived with what I thought was an old sports injury in my shoulder.

Jason looked at me and said the main problem is your neck – to my surprise. However after x-rays, it was clear chronic osteoarthritis in my neck (plus the shoulder injury).

When I started my treatment with Jason I was in constant pain, I could not lift my right arm, in fact I was very frightened I was loosing the use of my arm. In the early stages of treatment it was painful but I persevered, I did all the exercises and focused on changing my posture.

I have now gained the use again of my right arm, am free of pain and can function normally. His diagnosis and treatment were correct.

I cannot recommend Jason highly enough, not only for the treatment but for keeping me motivated whilst in pain. The staff at the clinic are kind and helpful which made my visits pleasant.

Frances Harris

I went to Jason 15 months ago for a full assessment after meeting his team at the Ilkley Triathlon, I was impressed by what I heard and was generally curious about what he may be able to do for me. Since starting care with Jason it’s hard to find a part of my body that hasn’t seen an improvement. I have also learnt a lot about improvements to my diet and life-style from the evening talks. I really could not praise Jason enough, and indeed the whole team who work with him. I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone to go to him for an assessment.

Sue Walters

My last resort!

After many years of constant and increasingly stronger pain killers to the point of morphine I can to the chiropractic clinic as a feeling of last resort, my GP had given up and said he could not do anymore for me.

So with a little fear and trepidation I put myself in your hands. I cannot believe after 6 weeks into treatment the difference in myself, I feel we have found hope at last after 30 years of suffering. I feel 10 year younger and wish I had come years ago.

Yours with grateful thanks.

Mrs L Pollard

JamesFor three years I struggled with shoulder problems. It affected my training, work and everyday life and I had never found the cause of the problem. Within the first two weeks of treatment I had made more progress and had a better understanding of the cause of the problem than I had over the past three years. With every treatment my health continues to improves, I’m hitting new personal bests in training, I feel faster and stronger and most importantly I’m able to function every day at my best!.


I couldn’t stand up!

I have been coming to the chiropractic clinic for about 2 months and the difference it has made is amazing. I had got up for work and I could not stand up straight, I had felt a sharp pain across my back the day before and it just got worse. Pain killers were not doing anything for me and I was willing to give anything a try. I had always thought the pain in my back, neck, knee were down to my job and being overweight and it was just something I would have to live with. It was a relief to find that although it would be no quick fix my problems with back pain and posture could be sorted out. Following an exercise I have been given to strengthen my core muscles. Combine this with the changes I was advised to make to my diet and taking gentle exercise I feel fitter than I have done in ages and as a bonus I have lost weight to. My only regret is that I did not come to the clinic months ago.

Many thanks

Liz Ehren

For the last year I have been plagued by injury and generally not feeling at my best. This was of great concern for me: as an athlete and the owner of CrossFit HG3, it is important to be a visible example of what our methodology to health and fitness can deliver. From the first week of adjustments I began to feel better, and after only a month my re-testing showed dramatic improvement and this has also been reflected in my performance and personal bests. One of the most significant, and additional, advantages has been the improvement in my general mood and sense of wellbeing. I can whole heartedly recommend the services of the Advanced Wellness Chiropractic Clinic: the atmosphere is friendly, great professionalism is shown, everything is explained in great detail, and most importantly – I’m getting fixed!


If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact O’Connor Chiropractic to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.