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Meet the O’Connor Chiropractic Team

Ilkley chiropractor Jason O'Connor

Dr Jason O’Connor (Chiropractor)

Dr Jason (Chiropractor) is passionate about nutrition, exercise as well as paediatrics and the care of pregnant women and babies for a healthy family. He is also an active member of the United Chiropractic Association, meeting with prominent international chiropractors that inspire and excite him about the chiropractic profession.

Dr Jason (Chiropractor) believes in illness prevention so you don’t have to rely on drugs or surgery to treat your symptoms. “I’ve been practicing for over 10 years and I still feel my passion for my profession is growing with each patient I see.”

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Dr Jai with a patient

Dr Jai Patel (Chiropractor)

I became a chiropractor to improve my community’s health and wellbeing without them relying on medication or drugs which often only provide short term relief rather than a long-term solution. I have seen the benefits of getting my spine adjusted first-hand, as I no longer suffer from acid reflux or low back issues thanks to Jason’s regular care. I have more energy and a more robust immune system as a result and in order to maintain this I make sure I get my spine checked frequently to live the highest quality of life possible with absence of aches and pains.

I moved up north to join an evolving clinic who share my values and beliefs in order to help families live their healthiest life and strive to their full potential. I encourage you to get yourselves and loved ones checked by our team.

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